Specialist Advice

LBA’s CDM advisory team works on major residential and infrastructure projects in London and throughout the UK, fulfilling the aims of the CDM 2015 Regulations by providing the right staff and tailoring our process to each project and our role in it, focusing on effective planning and managing the risk.

We have considerable experience of working in and managing design teams during the design phase and working for contractors during the construction phase, specialising in construction planning. We believe that effective construction planning from the earliest design stages greatly assists design and construction co-ordination, greatly reducing H&S hazards and their associated risks.

We work for major development companies who may hold all of the main CDM roles of Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor, for design & build contractors who are both PD and PC, and for Clients and Lead Designers who undertake the Principal Designer role. Whichever party we work for, we know it is essential for all parties to be fully aware of their role and responsibilities from the outset.

Our CDM experience ranges from tunnelling to underground stations & basements; from large residential & commercial projects to historic building conversions & parkland projects. The team is supported by LBA’s fire consultants and always takes an active interest in fire mitigation at the design stage and during construction.

Another specialist team is the London Bridge Consultants Network, LBCN. This network brings together a multidisciplinary corps of specialists to provide tailored advice and solutions to a range of engineering or infrastructure issues. It is a flexible, adaptable and responsive team comprising experienced industry professionals in a large number of areas connected to infrastructure, transport, project delivery & project development.

LBCN can provide an independent view from early strategic assurance input to focussed forensic technical interventions at the early stages of project development or project delivery, and also in many other areas where a balanced independent view can aid resolution or achieve progress. The team challenge each other to ensure that the output is greater than the sum of the parts and that the best solution possible is delivered to its clients.

LBCN is supported by the rest of the LBA team and has access to its wealth of skills. There is, however, the facility to erect Chinese walls if needed to protect client confidentiality and avoid any perception of conflict of interest.

LBCN recently carried out an independent review of the existing plan for the refurbishment of the tunnels under the Hudson River in New York.

Accreditations and Affiliations