Expert and Specialist Advice

CDM Coordination

The HSE revised the Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Regulations with the issue of CDM 2015 which has the stated aims of helping to:

  • Improve health and safety in the industry.
  • Have the right people for the right job at the right time to manage the risks on site.
  • Focus on effective planning and managing risk – manage the risk not the paperwork.

London Bridge Associates (LBA) can fulfil these aims because:

  • One of the main objectives of LBA is to provide the right managerial staff for each of our projects.

.     We have employees with diverse CDM project experience.  This means we can tailor our process to each project and our role in it.

  • All of our staff have substantial experience, not only of working in and managing design teams during the design phase but also working for contractors during the construction phase. This makes them particularly well-qualified to manage the associated hazards throughout the lifecycle of any project.
  • We specialise in construction planning and believe that effective construction planning from the earliest design stages greatly assists both design and construction co-ordination and hence substantially reduces H&S hazards and their associated risks.
  • LBA has experience of many different contractual arrangements with substantially different roles and responsibilities for the Client, Designer and Principal Contractor. Whichever party we work for, we have found it essential for all parties to be fully aware of their role and responsibilities from the very outset.
  • Our experience includes working for major development companies who may hold all of the main CDM roles of Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor; working for design and build contractors who are both Principal Designer and Principal Contractor; working for Clients and working for Lead Designers who undertake the Principal Designer role.
  • Our staff are supported by our team of fire consultants where required and we always take an active interest in fire mitigation, both at the design stage and also during construction.

Project Experience

Our CDM advisory team is currently involved in many of the major residential and infrastructure projects in London and throughout the UK.  This experience ranges from tunnelling to underground stations and large basements; to large residential and commercial projects; to large historic building conversions; to large parkland projects.

We are currently working on thirty residential towers of over 20 storeys (one of which is 67 storeys), numerous commercial projects including hotels and several of the most prestigious historic building conversions in London.  We have worked on major infrastructure projects such as Thameslink, and we have applied the principles of CDM to the feasibility stages of projects, in particular LUL Future Stations projects.

Dispute Resolution

Our Industry Experts are able to sit on Dispute Resolution Boards, where they will always strive to resolve any real or potential disputes as early as possible. Should a dispute go further, we are able to carry out Forensic Planning and provide Expert Witnesses.



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