Expert Services

Senior members of the LBA team are industry experts who are able to sit on Dispute Resolution Boards, where they will always strive to resolve any real or potential disputes as early as possible. Should a dispute go further, we are able to carry out forensic planning and provide expert witnesses.

LBA has carried out work for various insurers. This can include monitoring performance of Contractors against the ABI JCOP for Risk Management, or providing expert guidance, report and testimony on insurance claims.

LBA is also able to provide significant expertise, both from within the company and as a result of the relationships we have developed within our industry, to carry out research projects for future infrastructure technology. We are acutely aware that collaboration is a key aspect of future development and are proud of our ability to bring together an array of experience and knowledge to assist in shaping the future.

Projects which have benefitted from our expert services include the Woolwich Arsenal extension and the investigation into the Tunnelling Challenges of Hyperloop.

Accreditations and Affiliations