Engineering Support Services

We are able to support our clients across a range of engineering disciplines, including assurance & requirements management, geotechnical engineering, data management, bid preparation and management, tender assistance, specialist technical reviews and many more.
Some of these disciplines are detailed below but please contact us for information on others if required.

The management of Assurance and Requirements is a key element of project delivery. LBA has wide experience in establishing and managing documented processes for assurance through design and construction in line with a wide range of client systems. These include TfL and Network Rail, and delivery organisations such as Crossrail and High Speed 1 and 2.

The management of Requirements is the process by which the project owner is assured that he has the assets he requires to meet his operational demands. LBA has implemented the application of formal requirements management on a wide range of projects.

We can also implement other aspects of systems engineering including Systems Integration, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) and Human Factors.

Our geotechnical and ground engineering specialists have been involved in many site investigations as specifiers, managers and reviewers, particularly in relation to tunnelling projects and activities. They have also carried out forensic studies relating to incidents and claims, and undertaken contractual risk assessments, principally through the review of GBR documents at different stages of preparation or application, or through the development of Instrumentation and Monitoring strategies and the related response planning procedures.

One of the geotechnical team’s key strengths, developed through years of experience working on-site on civil engineering projects of all scales, is the ability to provide a practical understanding of the challenges posed by ground issues. This ability is enhanced by the team’s appreciation of all the complex variables inherent in geology and ground interaction. It is enhanced further by their skills in the design, planning and management of processes for the control, monitoring and mitigation of ground movement and its related impacts on construction and on other structures within the zones of influence relating to different types and phases of groundwork.

Projects where we have provided engineering support services include Dalmuir UID, Silvertown Tunnel and the Victoria Station Upgrade.

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