Construction Planning

Construction Planning, Methodology & Sequencing

Our experienced teams are able to devote the appropriate resources at each stage in the development of a project to ensure that solutions are buildable, both safely and economically, and to identify and pursue value engineering proposals to drive down cost or enhance value. We are able to support Clients and Designers in concept, feasibility, reference and detailed design phases, and Contractors during tender and construction phases.

Planning & Programming

Our experienced Construction Planners work from design drawings, concepts, or experience to produce construction programmes from first principles, generally working in Primavera P6, but also making use of Excel for Planning notes and simple presentations.

We operate Tilos for producing time-chainage plots which are significantly easier to interpret on complex projects than Gantt charts.

Project Costing

LBA has frequently combined its general engineering, construction and management skills with its planning and costing capability in order to deliver cost planning or cost estimating services to clients at all stages of the construction life cycle, from earliest feasibility stage to post-construction cost analysis.

Virtual Construction Planning

Communication is one of the biggest challenges when constructing complex projects because, due to increased sensitivity of the surrounding environment or tight timescales, there will be many stakeholders. They will all require a high level of confidence in the proposed solution.

VCP uses 3D CAD tools to virtually build construction sites from basic space-proofing models to complex 4D full programme simulations of both the permanent and temporary works. This provides a clear way of demonstrating to stakeholders the impact of any proposed solutions.

Our 3D modelling team work with simple, easy to use software that allows for the rapid production of simple site sketches and layouts, without needing to wait for the Designer’s model although, when produced, the Designer’s model can be imported to improve accuracy. Our sketches provide realistic and easy to visualise layouts that both aid understanding within the project team and can be used for stakeholder communications.

We operate Synchro and can link the programme to the 3D sketch for 4D animation, and can also link cost plans via Cost X for 5D visualisation.

Property Development

LBA have undertaken work providing CDM, Construction Site Fire Safety, Construction Planning and Virtual Construction Planning services for a range of clients.  These have included Grade 1 and 2 listed building conversions and modifications for safe occupation, station box OSDs (over-site developments), new build (including) one of the tallest residential towers in Europe, traditional housing developments, commercial and hotel developments, and schools.

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