Construction management

In construction management, we work to ensure that construction plans can come to fruition. We use our experience and a variety of project management techniques to oversee the implementation of planning, design and construction of a project from beginning to end.

LBA is able to place individuals or small teams within a Contractor’s project team to fulfil specific roles from Shift Engineer to Project Director, or to perform certain tasks for long or short periods. We are generally able to mobilise quickly, and our personnel are able to call on the full depth of LBA’s experience at any time. We make things happen and we take care of any trouble-shooting that is needed.

We also pursue active Risk Management alongside our Construction or Engineering Management roles, with our personnel being well aware of the requirements of the BTS / ABI Joint Code of Practice. We use our in-depth experience in the design and construction phase of complex projects to identify, assess and manage risks to provide value-adding solutions and opportunities, and to inform project decisions. We use tools such as Mitigation Action Plans and Readiness Reviews to concentrate on the management of risk, and not the management of risk allowances.

Projects where we have used our construction management expertise include the Shieldhall Strategic Sewer and HS1, the Channel Tunnel Rail Link Running Tunnels.

Accreditations and Affiliations