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Adding value across the construction cycle

London Bridge Associates is a company that provides a unique practical, technical and management consultancy service within the construction industry.  The company is staffed and managed by people who have many years’ experience in the management of large projects whilst working for major contractors.  LBA is able to make a highly beneficial contribution at all stages of the construction process; technically, managerially and commercially, providing value to contractors, consulting engineers and clients

LBA was created by a team of construction specialists in the early part of 2000 and has grown organically with the introduction of carefully chosen staff who have known and recognised capabilities in specialised construction and project management and younger people who display potential. LBA today employs around 55 staff and is involved in most major underground transport projects in the UK and in projects overseas.

The sections to the right describe the principle areas of expertise where LBA can deliver value to contractors, consulting engineers and clients.

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