Nuclear Power Stations – Tunnelling Feasibility and Tenders

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LBA Role

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Anglesey, Norfolk and Cumbria, UK




2014 – 2016

Project Type

Major Infrastructure

Project Description

LBA provided support to the bidding and feasibility studies for three new nuclear power stations: Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey, Sizewell C in Norfolk and Moorcroft in Cumbria.

LBA supported the Costain team on the tunnelling aspects of the feasibility study for these power stations.

LBA Role

LBA provided Costain with tunnelling expertise for, and high level review of, the bid submissions and feasiblity study reports. The LBA input comprised:

  • Providing programme outputs for TBM and drill and blast driven tunnels.
  • Constructability advice on tunnelling methodology and supporting structures.
  • Methodology submissions for the tunnelling works on the projects.
  • Expert advice on the prevailing geotechnical conditions on each project.
  • Guidance on logistic routes and site establishment requirements to meet the programme outputs.
Project Highlights

The LBA team worked as part of the Costain team across several different disciplines, feeding into the various workstreams as required.

An in-depth understanding of the ground conditions at each location was established and this was used to derive realistic programme outputs and also to advise supporting disciplines.

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