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Project Description

LBA Role

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Dublin, Ireland


Jacobs IDOM joint venture


2018 – 2023

Project Type

Metro systems


Construction Planning
Construction Programme Development
Construction Estimating


€9.5 billion

Project Description

The Metrolink project is the development of a north-south urban railway service, providing a direct and dedicated twin track rail link, to run between Estuary in the county of Fingal and Charlemont in Dublin city centre. The service will connect key destinations including Dublin Airport and will link Irish Rail, DART, Dublin Bus and Luas services along the 19km route.

There will be 16 stations (11 deep, one shallow and four surface), a 3,000 space Park and Ride facility at Estuary station and a new rolling stock depot. Once completed, Metrolink will have a journey time of approximately 25 minutes from Estuary to Charlemont. The line is planned to function automatically and driverless with a minimum headway of 90 seconds.

A large proportion of the route will be underground, including where it passes under the important city centre area and Dublin Airport. The underground section will terminate at Charlemont, where the Metro will interface with the existing Luas Green Line.

LBA Role

LBA supported the client, Jacobs-IDOM Joint Venture as Engineering Designer, through the preliminary and environmental impact assessment (EIA) stages of the project planning process. Our role included:

  • Construction sequencing and planning based on the Jacobs-IDOM design.
  • Providing tunnelling expertise in SCL, TBM and blasting techniques.
  • Construction programme development based on the Jacobs-IDOM design.
  • Supporting the design and amendments to temporary traffic management design and sequencing.
  • MEP and post-tunnelling work construction planning.
  • Providing cost estimates.
  • Providing technical support throughout the development phase.
  • Ongoing support throughout the oral hearing process.
Project Highlights
  • Demonstrating our understanding of tunnelling and excavation of rock in different geological conditions to develop solutions using different methods.
  • Development of a constructable construction sequence for the complex stations, including Glasnevin which interfaces with two live rail lines and a canal, O’Connell Street and Charlemont where these stations are under proposed developments.
  • Compilation of comprehensive vehicles numbers for the project for the EIAR submission.
  • On time submission of Railway Order / EIAR Documentation.

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