London Underground Victoria Station

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LBA Role

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London, UK


Taylor Woodrow /Bam Nuttall JV for London Underground


2011 to 2016

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Tunnel Engineering
Engineering Management
Instrumentation &


£350M approx.

Project Description

 Victoria is one of London’s busiest underground stations used by over 90 million passengers every year.  Prior to the upgrade, the station had to be closed for short periods at peak times due to overcrowding of the platforms. 

The main purposes of the Upgrade Project were to reduce congestion and delay, provide improved access from the north of the station and to make the station more accessible to persons with reduced mobility. 

This was achieved through the building of a new northern ticket hall, enlargement of the existing ticket hall, the installation of nine additional escalators and the introduction of eight lifts from ground level and the Network Rail station to the platforms to provide step-free access.  All of these were connected through the addition of a network of low level interconnection passageways. 

The project also included the provision of infrastructure for London Underground’s tunnel cooling project, a brand new station control room, the renewal of station finishes and the introduction of new gate lines and ticketing facilities.

The project was scheduled for completion by the end of 2017.

LBA Role

LBA were initially involved during the pre-construction phase to advise the contractor on monitoring issues associated with LUL’s monitoring contractor being novated across to the main contractor.

Subsequently, during the construction phase LBA provided support to the contractor as follows:

  • Design management, primarily in the field of tunnel design
  • Engineering Management including holding responsibility as TWBN’s Head of Engineering
  • The provision of advice on alternative monitoring strategies with a view to TWBN taking the monitoring over from London Undergrounds Novated contractor.
  • Acting as TWBN’s accountable Engineer for all aspects of tunnel design and Construction
Project Highlights

In order to complete the tunnelling works on the VSU project a number of challenges had to be overcome which required the use of a number of novel solutions. These included:

  • Constructing the tunnels primarily in the water bearing river terrace deposits.  This involved the 1st major use of jet grouting on a tunnelling project in London. 
  • Extensive use of BIM 3D modelling for the jet grouting design and subsequent management of the tunnelling works.
  • The construction of the tunnels & shafts in close proximity to LUL & 3rd party assets.  This included designing the tunnels and junctions so that they could be constructed without any need for temporary propping of the existing station tunnels.
  • Construction of a 3 way escalator shaft in SCL at shallow depth beneath a grade 2 listed theatre.
  • Construction of the roof slab for the passageway beneath the District and Circle Line in 6 day line possession including lifting and relaying the rail track 

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