London Bridge Station Grip Stages 2 & 3

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London Bridge, London


Network Rail



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Rail Construction


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Project Description

 As a part of the £5.2 billion Thameslink Programme, the rail infrastructure and station at London Bridge is planned to undergo a large scale redevelopment; the plans are part of the wider scheme designed to increase the capacity of the London train network to cope with existing and projected passenger figures.

London Bridge Station redevelopment is part of the programme’s final Key Output 2 work and includes:

  • The reconfiguration of the existing tracks increasing the number of through tracks and reducing the terminating tracks. This includes widening the existing high level viaduct through the existing terminus station area.
  • Associated track and signaling reconfiguration to enhance train service capacity including providing dedicated Thameslink service platforms.
  • Track modifications to enable improvement of platform layouts, lengths and standards.
  • A new concourse serving all platforms enabling improved passenger flow and relieving existing congestion, providing step free access, and escalator access.
  • Improved and upgraded passenger facilities meeting modern standards to ensure that the station meets current and planned regulations. 

All of the above work has to be carried out whilst causing minimum impact to the operating station train service and NR infrastructure.

LBA Role

LBA were part of the Network Rail integrated programme management team for Key Output 2 and assisted in the overall programme development. LBA staff were brought into the Network Rail Team at an early stage in the process and the project development was progressed by the appointment of suppliers, designers and additional team members. 

The programme team with LBA experienced staff in key management positions undertook the following development work for London Bridge Station:

  • Review existing designs for the both the Thameslink work and the overall station masterplan that included an above station development.
  • Survey existing station facilities and establish station user requirements for the upgraded station.
  • Establish overall project objectives and requirements (GRIP2, Pre Feasibility).
  • Undertake development work including determining requirements for design consultants, their appointment and the management of design work.
  • Take the project through the GRIP 3, Option Selection stage including agreement with Network Rail Board and Department of Transport.

In addition to the overall development work LBA provided resources for the following:

  • Development, planning and management of geodetic surveys, site investigation, structural surveys and station services surveys.
  • M&E consultant and construction advisor.
  • Resources responsible for developing the monitoring strategy for the civil works
  • CDM Coordinator activities.
  • Management of the interfaces between the Thameslink works and the development of the Shard of Glass located at London Bridge. 
Project Highlights

The programme delivery team with experienced LBA staff in key positions successfully led the project from the agreement to work up to the end of GRIP stage 3 with the selection and agreement of a revised station concept and arrangements. 

The work undertaken on user requirements, project objectives, site surveys, design assessments and option studies provide the sound basis for future project development and successful overall completion.

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