Crossrail C610 Systemwide Fit-Out and Fire Assurance

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ATC JV (Alstom, TSO, Costain)


2013 – 2020

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Fire Safety Management
Fire Risk Assessment
Emergency Exercise Planning
Fire Safety Training
Emergency Service Liaison
Fire Safety Assurance


£350M approx.

Project Description

The Crossrail C610 tunnel fit-out project involves the installation of over 40km of track and walkways, high voltage power equipment, communication and signalling services. The fit-out works are carried out within the entire tunnelled section of the Crossrail route between Royal Oak, Pudding Mill Lane and Plumstead Portals.

The project includes developing and maintaining all the fire safety management documentation, liaising with the Emergency Services, assisting with emergency exercises and interfacing with all the other principal contractors working for Crossrail.  One of the major tasks is carrying out the fire risk assessments for each C610 site and then liaising with each Section Manager to help work through any actions.

LBA Role

Since 2013, LBA has provided experience-based fire safety knowledge to support the management of fire safety for the project.  This has included the production of fire safety management documents, enhancement of specific site working arrangements and input into project interface and senior SHE management meetings. With LBA providing this hands-on experience and knowledge, the Crossrail team is able to feel confident that ATC are managing fire safety across their sites and are able to identify, proactively, any potential issues and quickly respond to them in order to prevent incidents. 

LBA’s fire safety services on this project include:

  • Developing and maintaining fire and emergency planning documentation.
  • Producing fire risk assessments for all ATC sites including tunnels, stations, railheads and surface sites / buildings in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, as well as implementing and maintaining the re-inspection programme. 
  • Supporting the client insurance team by producing evidence of the organisation’s approach to fire risk management including fire risk assessments, organisational fire plan and emergency planning.
  • Undertaking regular formal and informal liaison with London Fire Brigade (LFB).
  • Providing training to C610 staff including safe use of fire extinguishers, emergency duty manager role training, emergency incident management briefing sessions and fire marshal training. 
  • Co-ordinating six-monthly evacuation drills and producing evaluation reports.
  • Supporting the SHE team by facilitating desktop exercises for emergency planning.
  • Reviewing RAMS documents for high-risk practices including locomotive use, track welding, use of acetylene and other compressed gases in confined space. 
  • Providing advice on Dangerous Substances and Hazardous Atmospheres Regulations 2014 (DSEAR).
  • Liaising with all project stakeholders.
  • Attending interface meetings and representing fire safety on behalf of ATC. 

In December 2019, LBA was asked to provide further third-party support to ATC during the assurance and handover process to Crossrail. This involves carrying out tunnel inspections with the Construction Manager to provide physical assurance of the work which has been carried out, as well as producing reports to highlight to ATC any observations or issues found. In addition to physical inspections of the tunnel, LBA also collate and review all assurance documentation prior to the final handover being submitted to Crossrail.

Project Highlights
  • Liaising with LFB on construction developments including hazardous materials, the installation, testing and use of firefighting systems and facilities for the fire service. 
  • Hosting and facilitating local fire crew special risk visits to each site, providing information on the fire strategy and system installed.
  • Developing and agreeing emergency services site information and emergency grab packs.
  • Developing ATC and Crossrail Incident command response through desktop exercises and live drills.
  • Carrying out fire risk assessments across all ATC sites including tunnels, stations, railheads and surface sites/ buildings. 

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