250 City Road Development Project

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London, UK


Berkeley Homes (North East London) Ltd.


2013 to 2022

Project Type

Residential Property Development



Project Description

 The Berkeley Homes 250 City Road site is located along the southern side of City Road, equidistant between Old Street roundabout and Angel, in the Borough of Islington. It is bounded by roads on three sides, the Northern Line (LUL) lying beneath City Road along the northern site boundary whilst beyond the road lies a canal basin, part of the Regent’s Canal waterway system. The site comprised a relatively modern trading estate that includes an operational data centre. The scheme for the site can be categorised by two distinct building types, firstly the lower rise perimeter buildings (9 blocks) that surround the site and secondly the two towers.  These building blocks provide 995 residential units, ca 7500 sqm of commercial space, 3600 sqm of retail space, a 900 sqm hotel together with parking and cycle spaces.  The two towers were to be 28 and 36 storeys above podium level.  The lower rise were 7 storey, the hotel 1 storey and there is a one-level basement. 

LBA Role

 The provision of CDM – C and CDM-A services from RIBA Stage D onwards for the City Forum.  Some of the key design issues with respect to the CDM Regulations (2007superceded by 2015) with respect to design were:

  • Proximity to the LUL Northern Line.
  • Potential for contamination. 
  • Uncertain location of a Northern Line construction shaft. 
  • Ground conditions and dewatering.
  • Existing underground structures and utilities.
  • Construction phasing and a data centre. 
  • Tall tower construction.
  • Construction planning for partial occupation.
  • Cleaning and maintenance and façade replacement strategy inclusive BMU design.
  • Communication and co-ordination of the design team.
  • Co-ordination between multiple Principal Contractors following handover of shell and core elements of the project.
Project Highlights

  The detailed design phase started in July 2013.

  • Completion of the Phase 1 design.
  • Substantial construction planning incorporated early into design considerations for all three phases.
  • Successful handover of the design process from planning stage to a new design team.
  • Comprehensive review of design H&S risks undertaken and continually updated through the construction phase.
  • H&S contributions from specialist contractors.
  • Focus on an improved construction phase fire strategy.

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