Victoria Station Upgrade

LBA provided both construction planning and programming services along with building surveying services during the pre-construction phase. During the construction phase provided support in roles in Design Management, Engineering Management and advice in monitoring strategies

Project Details

Client Mott MacDonald & Taylor Woodrow / Bam Nuttall JV for London Underground
Date 2011-2016
Skills Construction Planning, Engineering Management, Instrumentation & Monitoring
Value Est. £350m

Project Description

The Victoria Station Upgrade project involved the development of the RIBA Stage D and E design to increase the capacity of a station used by over 80 million passengers annually. The station was heavily congested at peak periods; it was also projected that by 2016, the tube network would be carrying 25% more passengers and so the capacity had to be increased to cater for this.

Mott MacDonald was appointed as the lead consultant for project, which is started in 2011 and will be completed by 2018. In order to increase the capacity of the station by 50%, the following activities were undertaken:

• Construction of a new north ticket hall and entrance to reduce levels of congestion within the existing ticket hall and remove the need for passengers to cross busy streets to reach the main station entrance.
• The size of the existing ticket hall was increased.
• Installation of new lifts to provide step free access to both the Victoria Line and Circle & District Lines.
• The construction of a new access tunnel, associated escalators and lifts shafts to connect the Northern end of the Victoria Line platforms in order to aid passenger flow.


Project Highlights

Planning of the works to the existing overcrowded ticket hall and phasing the new works to maintain continuity of operation of the ticket hall.

Phasing of the works to maintain connections between the Circle and District lines and the Victoria Line.

Integrating the proposed VSU works with the developer funded works to of the Victoria Transport Interchange Works.

Achieving the successful Transport and Work Act approvals in the difficult business, residential entertainment and retail environment of Victoria Station in the heart of Westminster.