Tideway – Project Development and Planning Approval

Tideway Route Map

LBA have supported CH2M as part of the delivery team in providing construction planning, logistics planning, construction programme, design management, project management and site supervision services.   LBA has provided input into development of appropriate, safe and economic construction methodologies and programmes for use in option selection, design development, project development, planning submission, traffic assessment, environmental impact assessments, cost estimates, and agreements with key stakeholders. Roles undertaken by LBA also included interim programme management as part of the Project Controls function, management of design, production of site and works information, and construction technical expert in support of the planning examination, (Development Consent Order, DCO).   LBA continue to be involved in the supervision and construction phase.

Project Details

Client CH2M for Thames Water
Date 2014
Skills Construciton Planning, Logistics Planning, Construction Methodology, Construction Programmes, Design Coordination, Construction Supervision
Value Est. £4.2bn

The Tideway scheme is a tunnel running through central London mostly under the River Thames that will intercept, provide storage and conveyance of combined raw sewage and rainwater discharges that currently overflow into the river. The scheme includes construction of a tunnel running from Acton in the west of London through to Abbey Mills in the east, controlling 34 of the most polluting combined sewer overflows (CSOs) via transfer tunnels, drop shafts and system modifications. The captured sewage will be transferred to the upgraded Beckton Sewage Treatment Works via the completed Lee Tunnel for treatment before being released into the river. The main tunnel is approximately 25 km long with an internal diameter of 7.2 m and at depths varying between 30 m in the west through to 70 m in the east. There are 22 deep drop shafts.

Once constructed the system is expected to reduce the number of overflows to a maximum of four times a year. The entire project is expected to take between six and seven years to construct.

To read more about the scheme visit the Tideway website.

LBA Enabling Progress

LBA has been able to provide experience based construction knowledge into project development and in particular produced information for the planning process. This has included resolution of specific buildability problems and valuable input to option selection and CDM safety workshops. In providing this hands-on experience and knowledge the Tideway team was able to benefit in optimising the designs and providing value as the scheme developed.   This was demonstrated as part of the preparation for the Development Consent Order hearing.

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