Unique tunnel project in remarkable location

Barbary Ape, Gibraltar Airport in background

Gibraltar Airport is a unique project designed to modernise access to Gibraltar, an historic landmark island in the Mediterranean

Case Study: Europe’s last wild primates, the Barbary Apes, have inhabited Gibraltar for hundreds of years. LBA’s more modern contribution to the British outpost in the Mediterranean is designed to endure too.

Synopsis: LBA  worked with Gifford Ltd. for the Government of Gibraltar to help deliver this project

Fire Safety and Equipment Design

Reference Design of Mechanical & Electrical Equipment and Fire Safety requirements in connection with a new road access tunnel at Gibraltar Airport connecting Gibraltar to Spain, in Joint Venture with VVB.

Safe Operational Environment

Our Fire Safety role included the provision of a Fire Safety Advisor, being part of the Tunnel Design and Safety Group (TDSG) charged with developing a safe operational environment through the procurement process and into the construction phase.


Fire Safety Consultants

London Bridge Associates (LBA) have unique experience combining tunnel construction know-how with fire safety planning.

We plan and produce fire safety exercises, drills and protocols for tunnel operators.

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