Crossrail C610 Systemwide Fit Out

LBA supported ATC with Fire Safety Management expertise as part of their multi-disciplinary fit out contract, C610, on Crossrail Line 1 for Crossrail Ltd. The scope covers all aspects of fire safety from site offices and the Central Tunnels Section including 26 miles of running tunnels and the interfaces with each new underground station.

Project Details

Client ATC JV (Alstom, TSO, Costain)
Date 2013-2019
Skills Fire Safety Management, Fire Risk Assessment, Emergency Exercise Planning, Fire Safety Training, Emergency Service Consultation
Value Est. £300m

Project Description

The project includes developing and maintaining all the fire safety management documentation, liaising with the Emergency Services, assisting with emergency exercises and interfacing with all the other principle contractors working for Crossrail.  One of the major tasks is carrying out the fire risk assessments for each C610 site and then liaising with each Section Manager to help work through any actions.

LBA Role

LBA has been able to provide experience based fire safety knowledge to support the management of Fire Safety for the project.  This has included for the production of fire safety management documents, enhancement of specific site working arrangements and valuable input to project interface and senior SHE management meetings. In providing this hands-on experience and knowledge the Crossrail team are able to feel confident that ATC are managing fire safety across their sites and are able to proactively identify potential issues and respond quickly to prevent incidents.

LBA provides the project with fire safety services that include;

  • Development of fire safety management documentation
  • Interfacing with all the project stakeholders
  • Preparing detailed fire risk assessments and compliance reports
  • Attending a range of interface meetings and representing fire safety for C610.
  • Co-ordinating emergency services consultation meetings
  • Helping to plan and observing emergency exercises and evacuation drills
  • Auditing site safety procedures
  • Carrying out awareness training of fire marshals and site supervisors
  • Supporting senior management within ATC at SHE leadership team meetings

Project Highlights

  • Liaising with the LFB and Emergency Services, facilitating and supporting emergency crews familiarization visits with technical input
  • Developing ATC and Crossrail incident command response through Desktop exercises and live drills
  • Carrying out Fire Risk Assessments across all sites