Risk Management with LBA

Identification of risk at the earliest phase of a project is of the utmost importance

Risk Management LBA

Underground construction projects can present engineers with complex problems to solve and difficult and diverse challenges to manage. The very nature of these projects often implies change with uncertainty in outcome. Sometimes past experience alone is unlikely to be sufficient to manage these situations along with their associated risks. A structured approach is often required to focus the experience and expertise of all involved to achieve a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

Risk Mitigation

Identification of risk at the earliest phase of a project is of the utmost importance if robust risk elimination and mitigation solutions are to be achieved.

LBA are totally committed to achieving excellence through the promotion of risk management and value management tools. Our aim is to generate ideas and promote good practice for those involved in the business of managing risk. We believe that risk management should not be seen as a barrier to innovation as history has shown that the most successful projects have well understood and effectively managed risks.

Project Risk Management

We believe that the extensive design, supervision and construction experience of LBA staff facilitates the identification, analysis and mitigation of risk during every project phase.  We bring these skills to our client’s and their projects.

The LBA team can assist in implementing practicable systems to ensure that risk management is delivered throughout the project life, thereby minimising the adverse impacts of risks whilst maximising the benefits

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