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Project management skills and experience

The skills of London Bridge Associates (LBA) in project management have been honed by many years of experience delivering major construction works on time and to budget. The essence of successful management of any project is teamwork and LBA personnel bring the attributes and culture around which a successful team can be built.

LBA will deliver successful projects by:

  • Their total commitment to deliver the clients needs and client satisfaction.
  • Their ability to deliver a total project service from inception to delivery.
  • Their commitment to feedback and continual improvement.
  • Harnessing LBA skills at design management, project controls, health and safety, quality and the environment.
  • Nurturing innovation and managing value engineering.
  • Placing emphasis on predictability of out-turn cost.
  • Establishing relationships based on trust, honesty and open communications.

And if the contractual arrangements permit, the establishment of a single team able to work in a no-blame culture.

We offer innovative, incentivised and customised solutions to our Clients giving them the choice of service at a variety of levels offering either:

  • A full project management team
  • Key team leaders
  • Individual personnel to work within the clients team
  • Advice on key areas
  • Help with specialist tasks
Project Management teams

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