LBA’s new look

In the pre-pandemic early spring of 2020, London Bridge Associates was approaching its 20th anniversary.

To mark this milestone, we decided to refresh our logo and website to reflect what LBA continues to stand for in the 2020s, while acknowledging the evolution of both our client base and our own company’s areas of expertise since the founding of LBA in 2000.

The changes we are unveiling now do not mean our company has changed. We are still the same LBA: an SME made up of a diverse, vibrant team, working closely together and with our clients to deliver value to our clients across all phases of construction.

We are incredibly proud of all that we have achieved and the lessons we have learned in our first two decades. We want to reflect how we have grown since 2000 in our experience, in the diversity of our team and in the range of services we offer. Our business adapts to the changes in our clients’ requirements, and we are mobilising to offer a higher quality service with the same ethos we always have.

You will notice that we are gradually referring to ourselves a little more often as LBA rather than as London Bridge Associates. Our full name came about because most of our founders had just worked together on the Jubilee Line Extension, on the hugely successful London Bridge section.

The modern world, though, likes simplicity, hence our decision to remove our full name from our new logo and allow “LBA” to speak for itself. A side benefit, of course, could be that we cease to receive requests for a “bridge engineer” – we don’t have any!

You may or may not know that our original logo, in red, white and blue, was designed by our own Frank Ellis, one of LBA’s founders and a key member of the team to this day. It was a subtle and very clever way of demonstrating where our expertise lay – tunnels and underground construction. The horizontal line above “lba” represented ground level, the stalk of the “l” was a shaft, the circles in the “b” and “a” were tunnels and the line below “lba” was the ground beneath the tunnel.

We have carefully retained elements of our original logo in the refreshed version which we have revealed this month.

The “tunnels” are present but slightly modernised because, although LBA still specialises in tunnels and underground space, we also have other areas of expertise above ground – CDM, fire safety, expert services, to name just a few.

We’ve used new colours, moving away from the classics to a modern and perhaps more youthful combination of shades of grey – hinting at construction, concrete and infrastructure – and a deep orange to provide warmth. It’s a combination to highlight our friendly and professional approach to all we do.

We hope that our revitalised image makes our clients, whether long-standing, newer or future, feel that LBA is a company they can continue to rely on and feel connected to, based in solid foundations but not averse to moving with the times as we progress through the 21st Century.

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