LBA's Mai Nguyen in First Women's Talking Work Life Balance

Technology is a double-edged sword for work-life balance

LBA staff member Mai Nguyen has recently been asked to contribute an article on the First Women’s news hub in partnership with Real Business on a topic of work-life balance.

In her latest article “Technology is a double-edged sword for work-life balance”, she discussed how technology affects our everyday life, the good, the bad and the reward of successful technology management to achieve work-life balance.

Mai went on to discuss the “LBA way” with examples about TIM and LBA’s Virtual Construction Planning to show how we are continuously exploring and creating innovative engineering products based on available technology, in order to help our engineers work smarter in less time, while producing better quality work.

“It is important that technology is managed effectively to ensure that its benefits are not outweighed by increased stress levels and longer working hours.”

“Making use of technology to help your employees work smarter, not harder, while still delivering the same, or a better outcome will help your staff achieve work-life balance. It will also reward your company when it comes to attracting and retaining the best people.”

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