LBA is a 100% employee owned company, and all employees who have been with the Company for 18 months or more own shares through a Share Incentive Plan. We offer competitive employment conditions, along with the flexibility that comes from being a small company.

We are very employee focused and try wherever possible to place people in roles that they find interesting, challenging, rewarding and provide an opportunity to progress within their preferred specialism. We are not (due to our small size) currently able to offer specific structured learning programmes, but we operate Mentor and Buddy systems to ensure that training needs and wants are provided and to encourage our employees to progress to Charted Engineer status within a variety of institutions, including the ICE and IMMM. We operate a very flat hierarchy, but there is generally plenty of opportunity to progress within the commission work we perform.

Whilst being a company largely made up of Engineers, we are in most other ways, extremely diverse. Our team is 34% female (29% of Administration staff are excluded) and 50% are under 40.

We are regularly looking for experienced, flexible, and motivated individuals to augment the team. If you feel that you have what it takes and would be a good fit within the team, please write to welcome@lba.london.

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