Contractual Advice

The LBA commercial team undertake commercial work as part of an LBA team providing a range of technical, management and commercial skills to an industry client, or provide commercial support as a service in its own right. We have a team of experienced, professionally qualified quantity surveyors that can offer expertise and advice to clients, consultants and contractors on all commercial aspects of civil engineering and industrial development projects. The skills of our commercial team have been developed whilst working for a wide range of clients but our core skills were developed whist working for major international contractors.

The LBA commercial team can provide contractual advice on:

  • Clients tender documentation prior to issuing the Invitation to Tender to advise on commercial and contract risk.
  • Tender documents received by a contractor or sub-contractor.
  • The preparation and negotiation of all types of contract.
  • Procurement of subcontract work packages, including specialist materials and construction equipment supply contracts.
  • The preparation of contractually and technically based correspondence and claim narratives to set out a case for a fair and reasonable settlement.
  • The overseeing of adjudication proceedings on behalf of a client or contractor involved in construction disputes.
  • The preparation of the quantum for referrals, statements of case, and other construction dispute processes.
  • The assessment, preparation and review of insurance claim submissions.

Contract Management

Our track record of delivering value is built on sharing our experience

We deliver best value to contractors if we can place a small team within their project organisation. We aim to integrate seamlessly into their existing structure. This is particularly effective if we are in a position to properly influence the contract management be it engineering, management or production. Any such team or individual is additionally backed by the shared experience of the whole London Bridge Associates (LBA)  team and supported with a wealth of advice and knowledge.

> We pride ourselves in looking after the interests of our clients

Track record of delivering value

We pride ourselves in looking after the interests of our clients, meeting their requirements on time and within budget. We have a track record of delivering value and looking after our client’s longer-term interests by enhancing their reputation and assisting in winning further work.

Integrating with teams

We work closely with the contractor’s management to determine how we can best meet the contract requirements and where we can best place a team, taking into account resourcing and previous experience. This process works well if LBA are involved in the tender process where we can add value by assisting work winning and integrating with the contract management team from the outset.