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Building Information Management BIM at London Bridge Associates

Process to enable BIM:

For clients to be well informed and supported through the adoption and development of their building information models. London Bridge Associates (LBA) see enabling Building Information Management BIM as being a two step process:

  1. Creation of a BIM IT Environment (Common Data Environment [CDE])
  2. Business Change Activities to enable effective BIM.

Impartial Information Management

LBA provide completely impartial independent advice regarding the management of information and its best use on projects and existing managed buildings. We are able to advise on how the 2016 BIM mandate and BS1192 will affect an organisation or project, within the context of years of industry experience.

What: Building Information Modelling is a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a facility. It’s a shared knowledge resource that is leveraged to plan the life-cycle of a building. (Read more on Wikipedia).

Future-proof and economical

There are many solutions in the marketplace that will satisfy the BIM 2016 mandate. LBA aim to aid in the procurement processes by looking at the organisation’s long term goals and ensure that a system is implemented that is future-proofed and economical.

Many software houses produce BIM ecosystems which become difficult to integrate with applications beyond those that are designed and sold by the same supplier. Per user licencing can also restrict the ability to gain the benefits of BIM as only certain users will be able to access data stored in CDEs.

  • Testing & Systems Integration
    • Working alongside the internal departments to advise on options and approach to systems integration.
  • Change & Business Management
    • Help organisations develop and implement the business change plans as well as help set up the management framework that will support the ongoing development and maintenance of the system.
  • Focus on business strategy
    • Assisting organisations in the development of a BIM capability aligned to their business strategy now and in the future.
  • Information Management Requirements
    • Extensive industry experience of advising on the most appropriate data management systems to complement the organisation’s requirements.
  • Process development and Process Management
    • Assist in the development of all related processes including the management of communications and stakeholder engagement in order to enable full implementation within organisations.
  • Industry Experience
    • Working within major infrastructure projects as well as existing building estates departments.

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