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London Bridge Associates Ltd (LBA) is seeking to recruit an apprentice to enrol on the University of Warwick Civil Engineering Degree Apprenticeships course (CEDA).
The course is 66 months in duration with 80% of the time to be spent with the employer and 20% studying.
Entry requirements for the course are similar to those for a Warwick BEng (AAA grades at A Level, including maths and a physical science – strong applicants without maths would be subject to passing a maths assessment).
On completion of the BEng Civil and Infrastructure Engineering apprenticeship, apprentices gain both a degree and a professional qualification, ICE Incorporated Engineer. They will also have gained active, real-life practical knowledge of engineering and the industry through their employer.
The starting date for this apprenticeship would be in October 2021.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please email, for the attention of Kathryn Sharrocks, LBA’s Business Manager.

This is an excellent opportunity to become an apprentice with the support of a friendly, encouraging company, and would give you the chance to start an engineering career from the first day of your studies.


Here at LBA, we have a very open style of recruitment – you will rarely see us advertising any vacancies or using recruitment agencies. Instead, we welcome speculative CVs and cover letters.

If you’ve met one of our team at an industry event, such as a BTS meeting, or if you have attended a lecture given by one of us at the University of Warwick, you will have an idea of the LBA ethos:

We’re a friendly and welcoming company, we take pride in delivering value to our clients, and we employ people with whom we want to spend our working weeks, who we know will overcome challenges for our clients, and who will also fit into the team and may also follow the long and embedded LBA tradition of “giving back” to the civil engineering industry.

LBA is primarily made up of tunnelling engineers, graduate engineers, construction managers, construction planners, cost consultants, geotechnical engineers, geologists, design managers, monitoring managers, project managers and fire life safety consultants.

Whether you’re an undergraduate or a recent graduate looking for your first full-time role, whether you’re mid-career and looking for a change, or whether you are close to the end of your career and want to be part of a company where your experience will be valued and drawn upon, we would be delighted to receive your CV for consideration.

Our email address is If you already know someone at LBA, please mention that in your email. If you don’t know anyone at LBA, it won’t count against you – please still email us!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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