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LBA Project management

Project Management

We have decades of project management experience in large scale construction. Our clients include some of the largest contractors both in the UK and globally.

Construction Planning

Construction Planning

We are valued by our clients for our commercial and planning services. We partner with leading firms to develop success in large scale construction projects.

Fire safety services

Fire Safety

We have developed unsurpassed fire safety engineering experience in tunnel environments. We analyse critical hazards and plan responses with tunnel operators.

Geotechnical Engineering

Geo Technical Engineering

Our geologists and engineers develop a thorough understanding of geotechnical engineering and it’s impact on large scale construction projects.

Construction Planning

Building BIM

With Building Information Management (BIM), our clients are well informed and supported through the adoption of their building information models.

A-Z of Tunnelling

A-Z of Tunnelling

From Accellerant to Open Face Shield and Yankee Bob, test your knowledge of tunnelling terms with our A-Z compendium of underground definitions/

LBA’s long track record

Since their beginnings, London Bridge Associates have long been involved in large scale engineering projects. By developing partnerships and focussing their expertise, LBA have been invited to contribute to some of the most famous landmark projects in Britain and the world. Whether it’s tunnel, rail, utility or highway, LBA’s project portfolio is brimming with remarkable engineering feats.

Planning for success

With unsurpassed experience in project planning at all stages of a development, LBA are often invited to return again and again to the project role with established partners. With a wide range of skills and service maintained in-house, LBA target their resources to mission-critical roles.

Our construction planning services are valued for their commitment to excellence and attention to detail. By developing partnerships and focussing out expertise, LBA have been invited to contribute to some of the most famous landmark projects in Britain and the world.

In LBA, People Mean Business

Our success is dependent upon the commitment of our people. Our team members drive LBA forward and rightly take pride in their work. As an employee-owned business, our personnel are motivated to make the most out of every opportunity and give 100% commitment. At LBA, we enable our team to strive for excellence, love their work and be the best engineers they can be.

LBA’s Lexicon of Tunnel Engineering

Do you know what an adit is? Ever seen a black reamer? Have you any idea what a drill string can do? Well, I’ll be a jacking pipe if you can guess the meanings of all the key words in LBA’s exclusive tunnelling dictionary, going all the way from Accelerant to Yankee Bob.

Dublin Port homepage slider

Dublin Port Tunnel

In the early part of this century, a long-awaited tunnel project got the congested city of Dublin moving again. Learn about LBA's key role in burrowing beneath the Irish capital.

Dublin Port
Haivan Tunnel homepage slider

Haivan Tunnel, Vietnam

The Haivan Tunnel provides relief for tens of thousands of motorists every day in an already desperately over-crowded mega-city. LBA's full suite of services were in use.

Haivan Tunnel
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Gibraltar Airport

The Rock of Gibraltar is not about to be abandoned by the gibbons any time soon, especially with the new airport there.

Gibraltar Airport

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Project Portfolio

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Fire Safety